+ Christ Church Discovery Class Packet
Interested in learning more about our beliefs, vision and ministries? Desire to become a member? Are you In our next Discovery class? Download this packet to learn more.
download PDF


+ Christ Church Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire
need help or have questions? Contact the church office.
download PDF


+ Baptism at Christ Church Booklet
download our booklet on Baptism
download PDF


+ Ancient Truths for Today's Young Disciple
download the Children's Catechism booklet
download PDF


+ Officer Training Curriculum

  1. Background readings
    History of Presbyterianism | download
    Preface to BCO | download
  2. Session 1
    Discovery Class | download
    Vision Paper 1 | download
    8 Marks of a Robust Gospel | view
  3. Session 2
    So That Living | download
    Missional Living | download
  4. Session 3
    Ancient Truths for Young Disciples | download
  5. Session 4
    Young, Restless & Reformed | view
    Intro to the Reformed Faith | download
  6. Session 5
    Role of Deacon | download
    Stewardship | view
    Money & Christian Worldview | download


+ Covenant Worldwide
A ministry of Covenant Theological Seminary
view website


+ RTS Virtual & iTunesU offers FREE digital course lectures & videos for download
The Virtual Campus is making available archival course materials for download through iTunesU. Presently, we have added our promotional video with interviews with RTS faculty, Virtual Campus students and graduates. Look for these four videos under "RTS Virtual Videos". Learn more about our distance education, technology, contemporary churches and new students in seminary.
We have also added another set of lectures: Christian Apologetics by Dr. John Frame is available for download under "Theology" in the "RTS Virtual Courses" track. Be sure to check it out...and listen well!

How to get RTS on iTunesU:

  • Visit RTS on iTunesU.
  • If you don't have iTunes installed, under the heading, "Download iTunes Software", select "CLICK TO DOWNLOAD".
  • Once you have iTunes, return to RTS on iTunesU and under the heading, "Launch RTS on iTunesU", select "CLICK TO LAUNCH ITUNES".
  • This will automatically start iTunes and take you to the RTS page.

Directions to the free RTS Virtual Course MP3 lecture recordings:

  • Once RTS on iTunesU is up on your screen, you will see the heading "RTS Virtual Course Materials" at the top of the display.
  • Click on the various areas (such as "Theology". "History", etc) under that heading to go to the download page.
  • Then you can download all of the lectures from these archival course recordings.

NOTE: future course registrations for this and all courses will involve unique materials and notes to be purchased with course materials fees for the latest versions.